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SAIUSA was incorporated as an export document consulting company specializing in export document legalization and consulting services in local as well as in international markets. Its founders are former marketers of consulting services, banking software application solutions, financial forecasting analysis, and trade market research, from all around the US.

In the current landscape, SAIUSA has broadened its coverage by expanding into new markets and additional service areas (such as Letter of Credit preparation, multi-lingual translation based solutions, State Department authentication, freight industry education programs, shipping, freight and technology integration).

Successful freight organizations all over the world have assumed that the future of the freight logistics economy is inevitable, and are embarking on or have embarked upon plans to develop the means, tools, and frameworks to exploit it for the benefit of their organization. Companies cannot afford to be a bystander at the birth of this revolution. Keeping this in mind, SAIUSA takes an institutional key position so as to guide freight businesses that aspire to compete in this high paced industry, and advise how they should initiate plans to re-asses their freight forwarding infrastructure in this competitive environment.

SAIUSA is among the largest export legalization and export Letter of Credit companies in the United States, having served freight forwarders and exporters for over two decades. With offices in major export cities nationwide, SAIUSA is geared to legalize/chamberize documents at the correct consular jurisdiction irrespective of origin or destination.

SAIUSA offers a diverse range of services to directly benefit and assist the forwarder, Custom House Broker, and domestic and international buyers and sellers to make their functions more streamlined and efficient via outsource utilization. Last but not least, at SAIUSA we strive for customer satisfaction as part of our first class, second-to-none services. Quality and pricing of service has always been SAIUSA’s main goal.